Secure Web Technologies for the Enterprise

Web security solutions allow employees to use the advantages of modern cloud and mobile technology without compromising productivity or making the organization vulnerable to cyberattacks. They help companies reduce disruptions and privacy violations, while ensuring secure corporate applications. These solutions include browser and SaaS security, phishing protections as well as data leakage prevention user behavior analysis and more.

A secure web application will protect the information that is transmitted between the web server and the browser. This will stop man-in-the middle attacks and ensure that sensitive information cannot be read if intercepted. This is very important especially when the information being protected is a credit card number.

A web security platform provides an in-depth view of every browsing activity on the Web by enterprise users across all their Web destinations and sessions. This is crucial since it helps the security solution reduce the risk of critical vulnerabilities such as phishing and malware. It also helps to defend against screen-capture malware, malicious extensions and other insider threats. It will also enable the solution to function school data rooms as an authentication element for initial access to SaaS applications and enforce least privileges, while providing an exhaustive view of all unmanaged devices (BYOD) and third party unmanaged devices such as those that are used by contractors as well as supply chain partners. It can also protect the enterprise from a wide range of other relevant web-borne dangers, such as browsing risks and insider threat activity.

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